Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Client Side Response Time/Rendering Time and Server Side Time of Mobile app/Web Application

When we talk about the performance testing of any application weather it is web application of Mobile App. First question comes in our mind is about the user experience of the application.

Most of the tools that are available in the market gives the stats of only one component of this scenario i.e. they only provide the server-side response time. 

But client-side loading time/rendering time is also point of interest if we are taking about the end to end response time.

though not very useful information is available over the google from where you can get the client-side response time and server-side response time as well., but when there is an issue with the performance of the application then it becomes necessary to segregate even if the issue is at server side of at client side.

We can achieve this by a simple formula:

Capture over all page load time
Capture TTFB [Time to first buffer] 

1) There is an issue in page at server side if TTFB is high and difference of load time and TTFB is very low
2) There is an issue at client side if TTFB is very low and high page load time is there

Even we can get the segregation of server-side response time as well as client side response time using the Fiddler while capturing the Mobile App/Web App requestes:

You can easily understand these from the below screenshot:

Below parameters will give us this segregate results:

·  FiddlerBeginRequest – The time at which Fiddler began sending the HTTP request to the server.
·  ServerGotRequest - Exact time that Fiddler finished (re)sending the HTTP request to the server.
·  ServerBeginResponse - Exact time that Fiddler got the first bytes of the server's HTTP response.
·  ServerDoneResponse - Exact time that Fiddler got the last bytes of the server's HTTP response.
·  ClientBeginResponse - Exact time that Fiddler began transmitting the HTTP response to the client browser.
·  ClientDoneResponse- Exact time that Fiddler finished transmitting the HTTP response to the client browser.


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