Monday, February 11, 2013

Steps to Connect Database from VuGen Script in Load Runner

To configure Oracle Net Listener from the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant

Step  1: Install Oracle 10g Client .Once it is Successfully Installed
Step  2: Goto Start -> Programs -> Oracle - OraClient10g_32_home1 -> Configuration and Migration  Tools -> Net Configuration Assistant
Step  3: Select Listener configuration and Click Next.
Step  4: Select add and Click Next
Step  5 : Choose TCPS in the Selected Protocols and Click Next.
Step  6: Select (Use the standard port number of 1521) and click next
Step  7: Select No and Click Next
Step  8: Select the Listner name which have created earlier and click next
Step  9: Now the Listner Configuration is complete .Click Next
Step 10: Click Finish to complete the Listener configuration

 To add Oracle ODBC Driver in the ODBC Data Source Administrator

Step 1: Goto Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance-> Administrative Tools
Step  2: Click add and proceed
Step  3: Select (Microsoft ODBC for Oracle) and click finish
Step  4: Fill the details and click Ok
Step  5: Data Source host ( will be added in the ODBC Data Source Administrator

 To connect the database from the Vugen Script

Step  1: Open the script in the virtual user generator and select the parameter list from it.
Step  2: Click on Data Wizard from the window
Step  3: Select the appropriate options from the database query wizard and click  next
Step  4: Click Ok and Proceed
Step  5: Choose Data Source ( which was created earlier in the administrative tool and select OK
Step 6: Enter username , password and server name and click ok. Hence, Connection will be established to the host (
Step 7: Choose appropriate database tables and select a particular column and click next
Step 8: Filter the data from the selected column form the database table and click next
Step 9: Choose sort by to sort the data from the database and click next
Step 10: Select (Ext and return to HP Virtual User Generator) and click next
By doing this specified data from the database located in the host ( is retrieved and stored in the parameter list of the Vugen Script.