Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mobile Application Performance Testing - Part 2



Script Preparation To Record Application Server Calls

                 1)      Using User Agents: Install User Agents in Chrome and Firefox and then record script using                            jmeter
                           a)      Add the user Agent Switcher to the browser (Chrome or Firefox)
                           b)      After Adding the Agent go to the User Agent switcher from browser menu and select the                               agent that is to be simulated 
                           c)       We can also simulate the User Agents without installing plugging from Developers tools.
                          d)      Record the Jmeter Script after setting proxy In browser.

                  2)      Using the Proxy Simulation: (Will study this in details in next post)
                          Do Manual Proxy settings in Mobile.
                          Put IP address of Laptop and Port as to be given in Jmeter 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mobile App Performance Testing



If we look at the today's scenario.Daily more Users are moving to smart Phones and tablets to access the applications.At the same time the User Experience becomes the critical factor for Business.For Eg.. According to Strangeloop, 57% of online consumers will abandon the site after waitig for 3 sec and 80% of them will not return.. It create the need of performance Testing of Mobile Applications.

Mobile App Performance Testing = Server Side  Testing + Clinet Side(Device) Performance Testing

First We will Discuss about the Server Side Performance Testing of Mobile App.

A) Server Side Performance testing:

1) Recording the Server calls(Using Jmeter):
     a) Browser Based recording---> Uses the Mobile Extensions in rowsers
     b) Proxy Based recording ----> Uses the Proxy to Record the server calls.

2) Load Test Executions

B) Client Side/Device Side Performance Testing(Monitoring):

Using Various Free Apps

C) Profiling application Using DDMS

Using Android DDMS