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This blog is the discussion forum Dedicated to Performance and Security Testing.

Why This Forum?

We cant be perfect and cant learn each and every thing technically and conceptually. Something that remains come from experience,guidance and when we actually face them. From our experience in Performance and Security, We found that while executing projects or assignments ,besides the project specific activities(Basic concepts, routine activities) we found our self in a situation where we have to take help of google for technically or conceptually ,what we find on many forum/sites is the same questions posted by others same as what we are searching, with out any reliable solutions.

So we people,group of professionals decides to find the answers/solutions of all of these questions/queries/issues and make them available to all of us.

Our aim is to make our professional work more profitable in terms of quality.

Our Contributors:

Lalit Garg [Performance Testing Team Lead, Co-Founder of CareerKiBaat.com,JobskKiBaat.com,Statup Helper]

Navneet Kaur[Performance Consultant]

Anchal Sharma[Sr Performance Tester]

 Akash Rastogi [Security Consulatnt]

 Trapti Goel [ Senior Perfomance QA]

 You and all of Us

Our mission is to make Performance Testing and Security Testing a quality profession.

So if you also have same thinking and want to contribute to same, then contact us at [email protected]

Also,If you have any suggestion,Idea;write us at [email protected]

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  1. Thank you so much for the articles. They really helped me in learning and getting started easily.


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