Thursday, October 26, 2017

Performance and Load testing using Neoload - Mobile Application -Part 1

Neoload Record Any Mobile App
·       Direct recording from any device or emulator
·       Recording of native, hybrid and mobile browser apps

Steps for Recording Mobile Application
·       Mobile and your laptop should be on same network on which neoload is working.
·       Configure the cell phone to use Neoload as a proxy.
·       In Mobile, Open Settings à Go To WIFI à Long press the connected networkà Go for Modify network àShow advance Setting àManual à Set Proxy (Input the laptop ip and Neoload port i.e. 8090).
·       Start recording in Neoload
·       Create a project, Below screen will appear.
Recording window

·       Click on start recording .Below screen will appear.

·       Neoload supports client to behave as different option, For mobile select identify as.

·       For Recording through mobile proxy remove the selection from start client and click on OK.

·       Scenario Considered
o   Open xyz App
o   App Dashboard appear
·       Mention the transaction name , Request will get recording in the same as you proceed.
·       Click on stop after recording the scenario the script get recorded.

Let me know in case of any query and keep connected for next part .