Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mobile App Performance Testing -Part 3

Mobile App Android Client Side Performance Profiling

We have already studied about "How we can perform the server side load testing of Mobile app

Now in this pot we will see the basic concepts and steps to perform the client side profiling of Mobile App

Below techniques can be used:

 Reading android logs using Mlogcat : 

1) Download the MLogcat tool
2) Connect Your Mobile(having debugged app) with system
3) Logs are started in front of you
4) Apply filter based on the process id
5) Copy -paste the logs in excel & delimite to find the elapsed time and queries
6) Report these slow running/duplicate queries and time to developers

Capture Device Hardware Utilisation  Mlogcat :

You can capture the real life CPU Usage/RAM Usage and Network Usage of device

Monitor Thread and Heap Using DDMS:

1) Download Andriod Studio
2) Attached Mobile with Debug build of application
3) Go to Preferences --> DDMS
4) Select your app from left pane
5) Go to Heap tab and monitor the heap
6) Take dump when heap usage reaches close to 100%
7) Analyse the heap using Eclipse Memory analyser for Prime suspects

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How to Record and Load Test Desktop Applications Using Jmeter (HTTP protocol)

From long time , I was in process to search , how to test the desktop application using Jmeter,

I  have googled many times to find the solution of this problem, Even i knew that this desktop application communicate over HTTP, Still i was helpless to test this application using Jmeter, As the question round around my face was


Thumbs up to my friend, How have done  in depth study of proxies even when he is in manual testing and was able to record the requests for desktop application and prepare the script successfuly

I know many of you were also in search of this from long time , and when i will tell you about this , then surely , you will be in surprise mode for some time and will think , how stupid am i, this is so simple,

Following is the process for recording the Desktop application using Proxy.

1)  Open "Internet Options" from Control Panel, You can also open the same using search at RUN.

2) Click on "Connections" Tab

3) Click on "LAN settings"

4) Under Proxy Server : Enable "Use proxy for your LAN"

5) Put localhost as address and 9091/9092 as port(Avoid using 8080/8888)

6) Click OK

7) Use this Proxy setting in Jmeter Proxy Server

Try to avoid using and opening any other application that use network .

8) Start Proxy in Jmeter and Open the desktop Application,

Now you can see the http requests in the transaction/recording controllers under test thread
and proceed with the script enhancement like parameterisation, correlation, CheckPoint etc

Note: Setting proxies to record  Desktop application is same of browser recording , The only difference is that for desktop application we have to set the proxy on system level in-spite of browser level

Happy Testing
Chota Bheem(Performance Testing Experts)