Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Capturing Response time for Andriod App Launcher

Below are the scenario that we have tried to capture the response time of Google Now Launcher activities .

We have tried to capture the response time of below activities taking it as Minor Project : 

Minor Project – QA
Evaluate the performance of Google Now Launcher from Play Store.
• Install the latest version of Google Now Launcher
• Report the average application opening time of Hot-seat icons
• Report the average time to navigate to App Drawer
• Report the average application opening time of App Drawer icons
• Test that on long press the Launcher enters overflow mode
• Test that user is able to change wallpaper of Launcher

All the activities that are mentioned above are client side only and leg time for the same depend on the RAM in the test device, Though we can easily get the matrix for CPU, Memory,Network utilization on device but for capturing leg time, I have tried the following scenarios

1) Manually Using Stopwatch:
                 Major drawback of capturing Response time/Lag Time using this scenario is the non accuracy of the results as response time is in less than a second.
2) Using ADB Logs
                  We were expecting the time to be logged in Activity manager line item in the ADB logs, but for application(Purely Client side) like Launchers will not have any activity Manager line item in Logs., This is possible for Native app to get the response time of user activity 

Inline image 1

3) Using Debug Proxy : Not able to record any client side request in Google Now Launcher

4) Using Fiddler : Seems it can give the client side response time, we have tried for some web apps, (refer to attached snapshot), we are facing some issue while downloading and installing fiddler certificate for Andriod and trying to get the same.

5) Using Automation tools(Thought):
                 We can capture the client side response time using  the customization logs in the automation scripts to capture the time stamps , But when we tried this solution for app launhers, we were not able to get the response time for the same.

Apart from these , i have also tried many other things that i found on google, but was unabale to capture the same.


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