Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to perform the load testing of Microsoft Navision - 2013/NAV 2016 / NAV 2009

In One of my project , I came across to many challenges in Performance testing tool identification  to perform the load testing on Microsoft Navision called as NAV.

Right Now client has application built on NAV 4.0 SP3 and want to migrate to NAV 2013 .
Application used Role Tailored Client to connect to the server.

In last 3-4 days i have read many forums related to the testing of Microsoft  NAV , I am summarising the below information

I am using the below mentioned three approached for tool feasibility Analysis for NAV 2013

1) Using Microsoft VSTS :

  • Application with only Web client can be test through VSTS
  • Load can be populated using only Ultimate version
  • User need to download the Load Testing Framework available on GitHub
  • Framework can be imported in VSTS and the load testing can be done based on the customisation
  • Framework required some DLLs that present in the NAV Setup
2) Using Testing Toolset Kit 
  • Testing Toolset Kit is available with the NAV set up in the Installation DVD
  • Application Toolset Kit contains main file with file extension ".fob"
  • This file needs to be imported in Development environment of NAV
  •  Functional Test Cases can be executed Using Id: 130021 (Page) in fob file
  •  Toolset kit can also be downloaded from partner's site but require credentials.
  •  Kit is also available on
Still I am looking into the options to perform load test executions using the Toolset.
No Information about How to perform load test using Toolset is available over internet, I have also posted the queries regarding the same over many forums of NAV and waiting for reply.

3) Using Load testing tool Like Load Runner, VSTS,Neoload,Silk Performer etc
  •  Next Step is to check the tool feasibility using the above mention tools.

Happy Testing ! All the best!

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