Monday, May 30, 2016

Capturing TCP/UDP Traffic/Requests

In One of my recent project , i got an opportunity to work on TCP protocol.In starting i was very much excited but soon my excitement lost after googling for the issues that we are encounter to test this type of application.

We have googled for many days and even didn't found any tool that can even capture the TCP application.You much be know about the wireshark,fiddler etc network capturing tools but in my case of Desktop application these tools are also not able to records the TCP traffic

The tools mentioned on the most of the sites are not working,After the work for many days i came to the conclusion that i will be mentioning below.

  • Only tool that i have found and easy to use was SmartSniff to capture TCP Packets and UDP packets. 

There are also some of the tools that can capture TCP traffic but theses tools are paid and require heave download and installation and also require the technical expertise in respective tool like

Use Proxy in Silk Performer
Use Winsock Protocol in Load Runner

So please avoid using these paid heavy tools.

Now in Next post i will share my experience while testing a Desktop based client server application using TCP Protocol over .Net Remoting,
Also i will share my experience about the challenges that we have faced while performance tested this application with most of the know popular industry tools.


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