Thursday, December 31, 2015

Enabling Summary and Result Tree Feature in Jmeter Non GUI Mode

As all of you know that Jmeter is best load testing open source tool but very much resource intensive and not allow us to run the more thrads from a single machine,

To entertain this issue testers always prefer to have load test execution in Non GUI Mode.

But again a limitation comes in case of NON GUI load test executions.

Result analysis and Identification of Failure are a tedious task in NON GUI Mode executions.

To deal with these issues , we are come up with some jmeter parameters to be set so that results can be visible during the execution on the command line.

In One of my project , i have encountered a typical issue and it takes 2 hours to debug this,

On windows server when i do one iteration then it will pass the user but on Linux we got failure.

To Debug this we need to analyse the JTL File in Result Tree Listner, but by default we can't do this.

So i have done the following configurations: 

To enable the summary result :You can see the summary result on console

# Define the following property to automatically start a summariser
# with that name(applies to non-GUI mode ony)

# interval between summaries (in seconds) default 3 minutes

# Write messages to log file

# Write messages to System.out

Response in Result Tree:

For viewing the response for the jtl file need to do certain setting in file of Jmeter.

Following parameter are need to be set :

You can also pass the same in line command also :Like following 

Jmeter -n -t example.jmx -l example.jtl

Let me know in case of any query/concern.

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