Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Approach While starting Performance Testing Project

If we are going to start a performance testing project than what approach is to be followed is the simple question in our mind:

Following is the generic approach that we are following while starting Performance testing assignment:

1) Functional and Architectural Understanding of Application

2) Identification of Critical Business workflows{In terms of user load and volume)

3) Identify first level bottlenecks at DB:Start performing activities manually and capture the slow running/CPU consuming queries by database profiling.

4)Find Index Suggestions/Requirement on slow running queries.

5)Find Sessions and Deadlock(If any) by Profiling[SQL Server Profiler/Alert file for Oracle]

6) Monitoring CPU,Memory,TCP Connection side by side.

7) Identify First level memory leak bottleneck[Perform a endurance run at night and check for out of memory error in server logs.

8) User Memory profiling tools Like Ants Profiler for .Net application,Eclipse for heap and thread dump analysis in case of apache tomcat server to find memory consuming objects.

9) Identify the first level bottleneck of TCP threads:Perform load execution with some users say 10 for long duration and monitor TCP Connections.

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